Two Birds.

two young birds,
sat chatingly on a wire.
one boy,one girl.
and they were,
best of friends.

the boy,
very much like a bird,
jerked his head,
back and forth,
at any distraction.

the girl,
like an aged woman,
gazed at the surroundings,
slowly with ease
and intention.

they were both
not black as night.
but were both,
very much aware,
of there lack of color.

so they sought,
to seek color.
color in the light,
light they believed,
existed in tradition.

while they were not,
traveling together,
they were traveling,
in the same direction.
towards apparent light.

as a birds life is short,
and the birds found,
only grey.
now they sought,
a life apart.

the boy,
winging further away,
hung his head,
dismayed that he could not stay.

the girl,
did not seem to mind.
she was always stronger,
with wit so fine.

still the boy wishes,
now tired from flight,
for the past,
when life was mysterious,
and all we ever knew was right.

but disconnect,
is only ever temporary.
the cadence of,
the distance between,
calls redundantly.

the wind under the wings,
bonds us with strings.
home is only as sure,
with our heads,
in the clouds.

while the cacophony of,
our selected contemporaries,
bound in and out,
always we’ll enjoy,
our quiet reprise.

we will find that,
friendship knows,
i bound stripping bark from trees,
and you,
flying by some yellow rose.

To my dear friend Lindsey
To any one who’s been a best friend.


About lucaszuniga

Aspiring artist and seeker of all relevant truth.
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One Response to Two Birds.

  1. girl bird says:

    nothing on earth could have just made me happier. i miss you.

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