The Alternative to Counting Sheep

Go make mimi’s!!!

For those of you who have heard this, I’m interested to hear how you heard it. What was the context? Did any tell you what mimi’s were? It would be interesting to find out the etymology this colloquial latin american word. Research on this word would be long but interesting so I’m making my start here.

My second motive in learning would be an aid in the creation of a children’s book. Where do Mimi’s Come From? This even might help me seeing as I have a horrible habit of not being able to sleep.

So will you help me find out where mimi’s come from? What stories were you told as a child to lull you to sleep? What should a mimi look like? Ask your grandparents and parents when the first time they used mimi’s.

Sleep tight.


About lucaszuniga

Aspiring artist and seeker of all relevant truth.
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