Too Much to Ask, too Damn Fast.

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"why that would take all the money in the..."

Uncontrollable deficit. Illegitimate wars. Socialism. These judgements on the current administration are becoming exceedingly ridiculous. Not that I have ever expected anything less, but it would be nice to have the governing bodies not to flip out whenever American citizens, or anyone for that matter, are in need.

It could be marked that this all began when Obama used the word “empathy”.  Also, heaven forbid he actually use empathy, then we would all be lost like those nuts in europe. I still don’t understand how anyone can justifiably politicize a benign and completely altruistic word. And I mean complete justice, not this “for the sake of the party” crap. When did empathy become such a dirty word? Our country has struggled with it. It has ignored it. It has used it secretively. It has even feigned it, to protect its self. So when in our seasoned past did it become a code word for socialism?

I don’t think, but I can hope that in my time that we will find some sort of mean to use resources towards what really matters. The problem is, we all have different definitions of what really matters. In politics it seems to be a direct polarization of the temperature of the room. Recently, Rep. Senators tried to cease unemployment benefits to those who have been unemployed for longer than six months. Not only can we ask where this discretion was when the government was handing out bailouts and bonuses to banks, but also why would you deny money to people who need it the most. These are not the recently unemployed, but people who have for 6+ months. The longer you have been unemployed the more difficult it is to regain sustaining employment. It seems we can’t be just responsible, just fiscally responsible.

Again the larger problem. Most of us I would hope have a good idea of what is necessary, how we go about it and to what extent is where it gets tricky. I do know that if the space time continuum is threaten, I hope some jerk from Tupelo Mississippi doesn’t bring up the deficit. The globetrotters will have to open a can of whoop-ass.

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