Bella (Bay-Yah)

I apologize for the hiatus. I was trying to find a place to live, so please forgive me, and be happy that im not making this post from a cardboard box…or am I.

Bella, beautiful.

I know it, you know it. We know it when we see it. Like God, it can’t put into effective words. We will always fall short of the use.

Beauty is subjective. Beauty is obvious.

I can be sought, really worked at. Polished and pulled out of anything. You can polish shit. But that only seems to be a hint of the obvious. A facsimile of beauty is work. Most could agree obvious beauty stems, quite rightly, from nature.Nature implies some sort of knowable progression, a blanket order to describe the chaos. But the beauty that we earn is very informal, synthetic, rushed, and deceitful. But it’s still there for the taking.

Created beauty can be benevolent, with the best intentions at heart. But know your responsibility will follow the children of those intentions, and oh how they will be fruitful and multiply. You wildest dreams can be realized with the right amalgamation of copies. You can last as well, knowing how to stay ahead of the trends. You could be bigger than jesus.

But these leaps and bounds in perception, desert explorers of natural chaos. Exponential possibilities. Unlimited communication. You tube. Can we just appreciate an incredible morning?

I hope this goes beyond just saying, “stop to smell the roses”, I want this to say…”The roses are just the beginning”. Ourselves exists beyond  our prescribed inputs.

Music: Sympathy for the Devil– The Rolling Stones

p.s. i am in need of some truly beautiful music…any suggestions?


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Aspiring artist and seeker of all relevant truth.
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