John Brosio: A breathe of fresh tornado

Self Portrait

Recently, in a issue of Blue Canvas(wonderful magazine), I read an article about the amazing painter John Brosio. He has a distinct expressionistic style, full of surrealistic commentary. His tornado-scapes are breathe taking, full of texture and wispy strokes. The interaction with light remind me of Turner, and that makes me especially happy. But his true mark seems to be in that placement of his subjects. The plain people placed by larger than life items, seem to poke fun at the the struggles of our feeble race. That we will continue to put ourselves at risk despite what nature, history, or our mother says. But beyond the exposure to his work, Blue Canvas also gave me some of his words. Some words that a creative will soak up.

A superman complex with complex empathy, thank you John. With art world devoured by marketing, human needs are rationalized as dollars and cents. Its refreshing to have a practicing painter thinking about the hypothetic needs of earnest people. Also a hint of optimism by using the word “if”. And extreme skepticism with the word “currently”.

He is given the question: Do you find it hard balancing your teaching responsibilities with working on your own stuff? No, right now they offset one another  quite nicely. Painting can be a very isolation endeavor and teaching brings a very social dynamic to the whole thing. The only thing that gets in the way of painting is the tedious errands that can truly kill things for the day. Ain’t that the truth. Once again thank you, John.

Check out his paintings at
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