Leaves or Leaves.

Hide and Seek?
Strong and Meek?
this health yet balance is a tawdry joke.
i’m not ready for the stage yet, mom.
Stop pinching my cheeks.

Fall and Dust Off?
Chew and Spit?
this romance yet bar fight is the holy sacrament.
i’m not ready for the rodeo yet, dad.
Stop shinning my boots.

Push and Pull?
Sink or Swim?
this horror film yet snuff film is my saturday morning cartoon.
i’m not read for your wedding yet, brother.
Stop making it rain.

Stop and Pose?
Run or Hide?
this murder scene yet hopscotch is a disney princess wasteland.
i’m not ready for your divorce yet, sister.
Stop making it rain.

About lucaszuniga

Aspiring artist and seeker of all relevant truth.
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